Dr. Moustafa Sharaf

Dr. Moustafa Sharaf is originally from Egypt. He started his medical education in 2001 at the Faculty of Medicine – AL Azhar University and graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 2007 with Honors.
After graduation, he attended a residency program for 4 Years (2009-2013) at AL Azhar University hospitals. He was trained for operating and managing all diversities of plastic surgery cases, such as aesthetic and non-aesthetic cases. He was also an operator, assistant and managed perioperative management of inpatients and outpatients.

After completing this condensed program in plastic surgery, he completed his Master’s Degree in 2013. He published an essay in plastic surgery, “Different Modalities in The Management of Gynaecomastia.”
From 2013-to 2019, Dr. Moustafa became Specialist Plastic Surgeon. Also, he worked as an assistant lecturer in the plastic surgery Department, Faculty of Medicine – AL Azhar University, Cairo.

The clinical and surgical skills mastered by him as a full-time
Specialist Plastic Surgeon in many private centers and University Hospitals.
He is well trained in those fields As Main Surgeon:
1. Aesthetic Surgery.
a. Body Contouring Surgeries: Liposuction, liposculpture, fat transfer,
Abdominoplasty, Augmentation Mammoplasty, Reduction
Mammoplasty, Gynecomastia, etc.
b. Facial aesthetic surgery blepharoplasty and otoplasty
2. Office-Based Cosmetic Procedures: Filler, Botox, facial rejuvenation,
Thread Lift, HIFU, Mesotherapy, PRP, etc.
3. LASER in Plastic Surgery.
4. Hand Surgery.
5. Burn Care and Surgery.

He had his MD degree in Plastic Surgery in 2019. He has published a thesis and an article about Breast Reduction.

Dr. Moustafa participated in and attended these years thoroughly in many workshops and courses in Plastic Surgery. Also, Attendance of all updated live webinars in Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine.

Currently, Dr.Moustafa works as a Specialist Plastic Surgeon at Dr. Pierre Medical Center in Bahrain.

Dr. Toni Nassar

Dr. Nassar is internationally recognized as a cosmetic plastic surgeon, member of BSCP (Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery). He was recently elected as the Number one Plastic Surgeon in the Middle East for 2017. The French TV M6 nominated him as “The plastic surgeon of the stars” in 2010. Moreover, in 2008 he received the title of “The Beauty Ambassador” in Lebanon.