Meet Our Doctors

Our professional team provides a high level of care for your beauty needs.

Dr. Moustafa Sharaf

Dr. Moustafa Sharaf is originally from Egypt. He started his medical education in 2001 at the Faculty of Medicine - AL Azhar University and graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 2007 with Honors. After graduation, he attended a residency program for 4 Years (2009-2013) at AL Azhar University hospitals.

Dr. Toni Nassar

Dr. Nassar is internationally recognized as a cosmetic plastic surgeon, member of BSCP (Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery). He was recently elected as the Number one Plastic Surgeon in the Middle East for 2017. The French TV M6 nominated him as “The plastic surgeon of the stars” in 2010. Moreover, in 2008 he received the title of “The Beauty Ambassador” in Lebanon.